Friday, November 19, 2004

War crimes are o.k. sex is bad?

Where do we start. Since the beginnning of time man has been doing two things, procreating and killing. Throughout the bible there are stories of man killing his fellow brother, having a few kids, going to war, having a few kids, destroying the world in a ball of fire.... But where are we in this grand scheme?

Well we're at war. We are at war because our country was senselessly attacked by an act of terror and now we are on a holy crusade to liberate the world from the evil dictators who promote terrorism. I call it a holy war because the american people re-elected a lame duck president based on their belief that he is a moral religious person, and what their religious "leaders" told them to do.

This is no ordinary war though, through technology we americans can see blood splatter on the walls as innocent children get their limbs blown off, but that really doesn't effect our society, we just continue to let it happen because after all, these things happen during war. People like to murder, they like to watch people get murdered, and they especially like it if someone gives them a reason to murder. After all we can't just kill people for no reason, that would be against our moral christian values. Now don't get me wrong, I do believe in god and I'll tell you why under another post, but I believe we have "free will". Total free will to make whatever choices we want, and we will have to be responsible for these choices.

I choose not to murder, for any reason. Accidentally killing someone while defending yourself or your family is not murder, but walking up to an injured man lying on the floor bleeding and shooting him in the head, is murder.

So why is it we let our children see headless bodies lying in a pool of blood, but shield them from a naked breast? Is it repressed homosexuality? hatred of our mothers? is it built into us genetically?

There is something fundamentally wrong with the human species. We will cover up a bloody headless body so we don't have to look at it's nudity. It's not about preserving that person's dignity, you already took that away. This flaw must come from thousands of years of hiding our sexuality, but proudly displaying when we kill something.

Even since the beginning of man, half of the poulation chose murder, just read the first chapter of the bible.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

If I were president

I have way too much time on my hands. I've been reading through mountains of blogs and there is something painfully obvious. 25% of the people are out to screw you, 25% could care less about anything ( but video games and pot), 25% are really too stupid to do anything, and the people who do care are out numbered 3 to 1.

Leadership, that's why Kerry lost the election. The average American has an IQ of 100, slightly over retarded, and they need someone to tell them what to wear, how to act, when to die, who they can have a relationship with, how they should worship. That's what leadership is, you make these decisions for the people so all they have to think about is sex and murder. People don't want their buddy to tell them how to act, that's why he's their buddy.

Poor decisions, that's what were stuck with. Bad leaders make bad decisions. Sure you can keep dangling the prosperity carrot in front of their nose, beat them into submission, make them fear for their lives, take away their ability to communicate, justify horrendous criminal acts against humankind as a religious freedom crusade, but like all dumb animals eventually they will turn and bite you.

Personally I choose not to follow any man. Men have a tendency to lie to get other people to conform to their wishes. That's man's greatest flaw. None of us can be trusted to do the right thing. That's right, not one single man can be trusted.

Good leaders can relate to a large percentage of people because they have been forced to live here on earth under many different circumstances. Any man that wanted to be our leader should put aside his normal life and live the life of 10 Americans for 1 year. He should be a poor man, a wealthy man, a worker, a disabled person...etc. And there should be 100 applicants not two or three. In the end the leader of this country would be chosen by his ability to adapt to his surroundings, and make decisions based on intellect, not deceit or money.

The 700 club

Wow, television in this country is CRAP. Why is it that the only way we can be entertained is to recreate situations of the most extreme fringe of the dark side of human insanity. My children cannot watch primetime television. Murder, Rape , WAR, and that's just the evening news.

I recently turned on the tv during the day and the 700 club was on. Oh how self righteous these people are. This program is aired on national television as a paid advertisement for the republican party. They condone war like they are on a mission from god to rid the world of evildoers. Nut cases. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. Give up your millions of dollars tomorrow, just give it away, if you truly perform god's work he will take care of you. Refuse to air your program on a network that is destroying the moral christian foundation that you so actively preach through your republican agenda. VAIN HYPOCRITES especially you pat.

Under employed once again

Well, here it is 9:00 a.m. I've been scouring the internet, Local newspapers, Local job service etc ,,,etc,,,etc looking for "a better life for myself and my family". Well guess what, there isn't a job in this country that's worth having.

I really have no one to blame for my current situation but myself, for some reason I decided to "quit" my job because I refused to let people who do basically nothing, provoke me to the point of anger after being verbally reprimanded for me not doing their job.

For the past 18 years I have paid my dues ( and taxes), educated myself through hard work,
demonstrated competence and professionalism, only to be suppressed by mediocre, underqualified, "management." Instead of empowering people by rewarding their hardwork with a Good salary, benefits, a little time off now and then, I see people that do nothing reaping the rewards, and the people who work being trampled.

Accountability: Being responsible for YOUR actions.In corporate America,and especially our GOVERNMENT ( talk about mediocre) NO ONE is accountable. They justify their oil wars, unlimited wealth, corrupt justice system, on the basis that they are moderate Christians> what a load of crap. You can't go to church on Sunday in your limousine and drive by people living on the street, look the other way and EVEN THINK ABOUT USING RELIGION FOR POLITICAL AGENDA.

What does this have to do with employment? Got to and see how much your job is worth. Is it worth what a senator's is worth? Is it worth half? A quarter? Can you live for ten years without having to starve to death? 1 year? 1 month. Well guess what, you have made the people who would watch you die homeless in the street, so wealthy that they will never go hungry. What have we gotten in return........welfare gee thanks guys.

These people are poor managers, the only qualifications they have is they are rich, or act like they are religious, and could really care less about you or your family. If they did care your job would be worth something other than just a way to survive for a couple of weeks.

To wrap up, don't return messages on how I can get rich with your mlm pyramid scheme or how I can make six figures selling insurance, you people have a nice brainless cushy management job already and quite frankly you're not smart enough for me waste my time enlightening. If you truly do care about other people in this country I would certainly appreciate your input, and welcome to the team.

Wal mart

Recently I took a trip with my wife to buy some "necessities" for our house at walmart. They have all the cheap plastic crap anyone could ever want or need piled from the floor to the ceiling. Very impressive, no wonder they are so close to world domination.???

Ask anyone that goes to walmart why they go there > IT'S CHEAP. Americans are poor and we go there because it's cheap plain and simple. Why is it cheap? Excellent high value products, and top of the line service, not hardly. It's cheap because the employees sacrifice a decent standard of living so that other poor people can afford to shop there. Does the boy cheerleader management that sam is so proud of share the burden? Not hardly. But why should they after all they give motivational pep rallies to the sheep (I mean employees) and that's well worth every bit of that million dollars a year they earn, besides 1.50 an hour is 100 times what the employees could make in mexico Right?

The bottom line is this "corporation" is waging an all out war on the the american public sending our national deficit into a state where we won't be able to afford welfare programs>>>who will shop in your stores? The wealthy... I don't think so

By the way, I left walmart without buying a thing.