Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Under employed once again

Well, here it is 9:00 a.m. I've been scouring the internet, Local newspapers, Local job service etc ,,,etc,,,etc looking for "a better life for myself and my family". Well guess what, there isn't a job in this country that's worth having.

I really have no one to blame for my current situation but myself, for some reason I decided to "quit" my job because I refused to let people who do basically nothing, provoke me to the point of anger after being verbally reprimanded for me not doing their job.

For the past 18 years I have paid my dues ( and taxes), educated myself through hard work,
demonstrated competence and professionalism, only to be suppressed by mediocre, underqualified, "management." Instead of empowering people by rewarding their hardwork with a Good salary, benefits, a little time off now and then, I see people that do nothing reaping the rewards, and the people who work being trampled.

Accountability: Being responsible for YOUR actions.In corporate America,and especially our GOVERNMENT ( talk about mediocre) NO ONE is accountable. They justify their oil wars, unlimited wealth, corrupt justice system, on the basis that they are moderate Christians> what a load of crap. You can't go to church on Sunday in your limousine and drive by people living on the street, look the other way and EVEN THINK ABOUT USING RELIGION FOR POLITICAL AGENDA.

What does this have to do with employment? Got to and see how much your job is worth. Is it worth what a senator's is worth? Is it worth half? A quarter? Can you live for ten years without having to starve to death? 1 year? 1 month. Well guess what, you have made the people who would watch you die homeless in the street, so wealthy that they will never go hungry. What have we gotten in return........welfare gee thanks guys.

These people are poor managers, the only qualifications they have is they are rich, or act like they are religious, and could really care less about you or your family. If they did care your job would be worth something other than just a way to survive for a couple of weeks.

To wrap up, don't return messages on how I can get rich with your mlm pyramid scheme or how I can make six figures selling insurance, you people have a nice brainless cushy management job already and quite frankly you're not smart enough for me waste my time enlightening. If you truly do care about other people in this country I would certainly appreciate your input, and welcome to the team.


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