Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wal mart

Recently I took a trip with my wife to buy some "necessities" for our house at walmart. They have all the cheap plastic crap anyone could ever want or need piled from the floor to the ceiling. Very impressive, no wonder they are so close to world domination.???

Ask anyone that goes to walmart why they go there > IT'S CHEAP. Americans are poor and we go there because it's cheap plain and simple. Why is it cheap? Excellent high value products, and top of the line service, not hardly. It's cheap because the employees sacrifice a decent standard of living so that other poor people can afford to shop there. Does the boy cheerleader management that sam is so proud of share the burden? Not hardly. But why should they after all they give motivational pep rallies to the sheep (I mean employees) and that's well worth every bit of that million dollars a year they earn, besides 1.50 an hour is 100 times what the employees could make in mexico Right?

The bottom line is this "corporation" is waging an all out war on the the american public sending our national deficit into a state where we won't be able to afford welfare programs>>>who will shop in your stores? The wealthy... I don't think so

By the way, I left walmart without buying a thing.


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